Registration: Signing up for class ahead of time is required. Go to the ‘Schedule’ tab from the website or the ScheduleBliss app, select the class you would like to attend, and the pricing option you would prefer. It’s super simple!

Arrival: Please come to class 10 minutes early in order to give yourself time to find us and to get settled in. Be sure to share any injuries or other important information with the instructor.  

Clothing: Wear something comfortable that you can easily move and sweat in.

Yoga Mat: Bring a yoga mat and a towel. We do not have mats for sale or rent.

Water: Drink plenty of water prior to class and stay hydrated! There is a water fountain to refill water bottles.

Food: We recommend not eating in the hour before class is scheduled to begin.  If you are hungry, a light snack such as a granola bar or fruit is typically a good option.

Phones: Allow your time in class to be just that – YOUR time.  For your benefit and others’, silence your phone and leave it with you belongings. 


Most importantly, have an open mind, a big smile, and patience: Enjoy the journey and HAVE FUN! Step in to the studio with the awareness that yoga is not about the pose. It's about what you lose, drop, create, and discover while getting to that pose!


Do you have a gentle class or a class for beginners? 

All classes at Rebel Yoga are for all levels. Come with a beginners mindset and be gentle with yourself (mentally and physically) during the practice. We offer Sit a Bit Meditation and Candlelight Yoga for those that are looking for a slower paced class. To select the best option for your needs, go to the Schedule tab and click on the class for a detailed description.

Do you offer the first class free? Can I just come once and try it out?

Because Rebel Yoga is a boutique studio with class sizes limited to 8 participants, we do not offer a free first class. Additionally, we believe that our training, experience, and community has value and that it is challenging to get a full experience of what Rebel Yoga has to offer by attending just one class. Because we have two teachers (a husband/wife team) and three styles of classes, we offer two options for those wishing to come to the studio for the first time. The first is a 5 Class Pass, which is good for one month. With this option you are able to explore classes, times, instructors, and the community in a more rounded way. We also offer an “Introduction to Rebel Yoga” workshop about once a month. This is a time to come to check out the studio, meet the instructors, and take “mini” classes to find the best fit for you. Go to the Happenings section for details on the next scheduled workshop.

I’ve never practiced yoga before.  What class should I take?  Do I need to pre-register for the class I want to come to?

 We are so excited that you are considering taking your first yoga class! At Rebel Yoga all levels are welcome to all classes. Be sure to check out the class descriptions on the schedule to find the class that best suits your needs. Pre-registration for class is required. We also recommend you arrive 10 minutes early to get settled in and share any necessary information with the instructor.

What if I have injuries or other physical issues?  

Yoga is a therapeutic way to reduce physical tension and/or discomfort.  Because yoga can be so beneficial, this is often a great motivator to begin a yoga practice.  So don’t shy away from it, but be sure to let your instructor know of any physical limitations you might have so modifications can be recommended if needed. We also offer private lessons, which are often a great way for those with injuries or physical limitations to begin a yoga practice.