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Arrival: Please come to class 10-15 minutes early. Be sure to share any injuries or other important information with the instructor.  

Clothing: Wear something comfortable that you can easily move in and sweat in.

Yoga Mat: Bring a yoga mat.  If you don’t have one, we have Manduka mats for sale or rent for $2. 

Water: Bring plenty of water and stay hydrated! We have water for sale for $1 or $2, or a fountain to refill your bottles!

Food: We recommend not eating in the hour before class is scheduled to begin.  If you are hungry, a light snack such as a granola bar or fruit is typically a good option. We have KIND bars for sale for $1. 

Towel: It is likely you will sweat, so it is helpful to bring a hand towel. We also have towels for rent for $1.

Phones: Allow your time in class to be just that – YOUR time.  For your benefit and others’, silence your phone and leave it in the cubbies. 


Most importantly, have an open mind, a big smile, and patience: Enjoy the journey and HAVE FUN!


Do you have a gentle class or a class for beginners? 

All classes are for all levels. Come with a beginners mindset and be gentle with yourself (mentally and physically) during the practice. We also have Rebel Flow Basics, which is a great way to learn more about Journey Into Power!

I’ve never practiced yoga before.  What class should I take?  Do I need to pre-register for the class I want to take?

 We are so excited that you are considering taking your first yoga class! Rebel Yoga seeks to ensure that all feel welcome and that our classes are for all levels. Newbies, be a YES. You do not need to register for the class, just plan on arriving about 10-15 minutes early to get settled in.

What if I have injuries or other physical issues?  

Yoga is a therapeutic way to reduce physical tension and/or discomfort.  Because yoga can be so beneficial, this is often a great motivator to begin a yoga practice.  So don’t shy away from it, but be sure to let your instructor know of any physical limitations you might have so modifications can be recommended if needed. 

I just found out I am pregnant, should I do yoga? Do you offer prenatal classes?

 First off, CONGRATS!!! Yoga is a great way to support your body and the newly forming body of your child. There are some precautions however, so you will want to ask your doctor! We do not offer prenatal classes, but we encourage you to attend any class on the schedule and modify the poses as your belly grows! Just make sure to let your instructor know that you are pregnant, of course!