Rebel Yoga takes pride in being a community yoga studio. We practice together in order to grow together. We move, breathe, sweat, create and have FUN while exploring what is possible. We leave feeling stronger. Bigger. Bolder. More BADASS! How? By doing it together! By sharing the practice together, by sharing our hearts with each other, and by finding our yoga glow TOGETHER. So whether you are new to yoga or have a regular practice, there is a class for you at Rebel Yoga with people who are excited to transform with you. Remember: you don’t have to be experienced at yoga. You don’t have to be thin. Or fit. Or young. You only need to be open to smiling and sweating with a great group of people who are dedicated to sharing the life changing benefits of yoga with you. 

Most importantly, have an open mind, a big smile, and patience: Enjoy the journey and HAVE FUN! Step in to the studio with the awareness that yoga is not about the pose. It's about what you lose, drop, create and discover while getting to that pose!