"Don't practice yoga to get better at yoga; practice yoga to get better at living."

Rebel Yoga is a local family owned studio located in the heart of the Rose District in Broken Arrow, OK. We are 10% yoga studio and 90% meeting place for passionate people who have a desire to make lasting, impactful changes in their lives and community.

We offer classes that are designed to mentally and physically awaken, strengthen, and empower. The classes incorporate thought-provoking messages, meditation, and personal inquiry that lead practitioners to powerful insights. These elements are what make the Rebel Flow sequence truly transformational. Practitioners focus on what is happening in their body, what is going through their mind, and taking place in their heart. Then, they take that knowledge off the mat and into their lives, creating powerful, lasting changes.

Practices are lead by Brent and Amanda, a husband and wife duo that founded Rebel Yoga out of a desire to make yoga accessible for those who might not otherwise have the opportunity. They strongly believe in the physical, spiritual and mental benefits of yoga and are passionate about sharing it with others. Because of this, the focus at Rebel Yoga is to move, breathe, create and have FUN while exploring what is possible and to leave feeling stronger. Boulder. Powerful. More BADASS!

Whether you are new to yoga or have a regular practice, there is a class for you. Remember: you don’t have to be experienced at yoga. You don’t have to be thin. Or fit. Or young. You only need an open mind, a big smile, and the willingness to begin right where you are. It is a perfect place to be.

Step in to the studio with the awareness that yoga is not about the pose. It's about what you lose, drop, create and discover while getting to that pose!

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